Santorini is for lovers

One of the world’s greatest sights, and a favorite destination for couples, the iconic Greek island of Santorini is an easy 45-minute flight from Athens. Direct flights from other European cities are also available, but I opted for a three-hour boat ride from Mykonos instead, to continue my Greek-island hopping. And arriving in Santorini on the top deck of a gigantic ferry boat, with a … Continue reading Santorini is for lovers

Costa Brava, Spain’s wild coast

Spain’s Costa Brava isn’t on the radar for many Americans tourists yet. However, its stunning Mediterranean coast and quaint white-washed sea towns, combined with rich culture and traditions, are great reasons to cross the Atlantic. I had been near Costa Brava many times, while living in London. But as familiar as I was with other regions of Spain, its wild northeast coast (Costa Brava means … Continue reading Costa Brava, Spain’s wild coast

Girona and the Jews

I arrived in Girona in the mid-afternoon of a bright winter day in January, after an easy one-hour drive from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport. Northern’s Catalonia’s largest city, Girona turned out to be bigger than I expected, I even got lost in a commercial area in its outskirts, before finding my way downtown.  I drove by large and beautiful parks until finding Hotel Peninsular, in … Continue reading Girona and the Jews

Malloca: the royals, the rich, the Germans

I arrived at night at Mallorca’s Palma airport, one of the busiest in Europe, and was intrigued right away by the amount of ads in German – not in Spanish, the language of the land.  “The Germans own Mallorca, they buy everything they can”, explained my French friend Margot, who has a vacation home there and was waiting for me at the arrival gate. “But … Continue reading Malloca: the royals, the rich, the Germans

The reasons for Madrid

I had not been to Spain in a long time, but returning to Madrid last month made me wonder what took me so long. Madrid is thriving! The Spanish capital – a lively city of 3 million people – has everything other European capitals offer: culture, history, gastronomy, art, plus two important ingredients added to the mix: friendly people and low prices. The Madrileños, as … Continue reading The reasons for Madrid

Winter is high season in Florida

Due to the very high temperatures and humidity levels in Florida for most of the year, the best time to visit it is from late November to the beginning of April, winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The ‘season’, as it’s called, is when the thermometer goes from mid-90’s down to very pleasant 70’s Fahrenheit (21°C),  with almost no humidity in the air. Most winter days … Continue reading Winter is high season in Florida