Girona and the Jews

I arrived in Girona in the mid-afternoon of a bright winter day in January, after an easy one-hour drive from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport. Northern’s Catalonia’s largest city, Girona turned out to be bigger than I expected, I even got lost in a commercial area in its outskirts, before finding my way downtown.  I drove by large and beautiful parks until finding Hotel Peninsular, in … Continue reading Girona and the Jews

Malloca: the royals, the rich, the Germans

I arrived at night at Mallorca’s Palma airport, one of the busiest in Europe, and was intrigued right away by the amount of ads in German – not in Spanish, the language of the land.  “The Germans own Mallorca, they buy everything they can”, explained my French friend Margot, who has a vacation home there and was waiting for me at the arrival gate. “But … Continue reading Malloca: the royals, the rich, the Germans

The reasons for Madrid

I had not been to Spain in a long time, but returning to Madrid last month made me wonder what took me so long. Madrid is thriving! The Spanish capital – a lively city of 3 million people – has everything other European capitals offer: culture, history, gastronomy, art, plus two important ingredients added to the mix: friendly people and low prices. The Madrileños, as … Continue reading The reasons for Madrid