Santorini is for lovers

One of the world’s greatest sights, and a favorite destination for couples, the iconic Greek island of Santorini is an easy 45-minute flight from Athens. Direct flights from other European cities are also available, but I opted for a three-hour boat ride from Mykonos instead, to continue my Greek-island hopping. And arriving in Santorini on the top deck of a gigantic ferry boat, with a … Continue reading Santorini is for lovers

In Mykonos, the party never stops

There’s no denying that the Greek islands Mykonos and Santorini attract the international jet-set crowd like honey attracts flies. But these days they seem to attract everybody else, too. Are they crowded? You bet. Part of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea – on the east corner of the Mediterranean – both islands are endowed with a striking beauty, different from anything … Continue reading In Mykonos, the party never stops

Meteora – high in the sky, almost in heaven

What’s most impressive about the Meteora Orthodox Monasteries, a UNESCO World Heritage site in a remote corner of Greece, is that they were built atop impossibly high stone pinnacles, at a time when there were no machines to help in the construction. Some attribute their existence to divine intervention, but whatever made them possible, I can’t think of better examples of how determination trumps logic, … Continue reading Meteora – high in the sky, almost in heaven