Mount Saint Michel part II – the skull with a hole

After a visit to Mount Saint-Michel, in France, my daughter Clara and I were impressed by the fantastic tales we had heard there. Perhaps the most fantastic of all is the legend of Saint Aubert, an 8th-century bishop in the nearby village of Avranches, a man so pious and religious that he was believed to  perform miracles. Legend tells that Aubert saw Archangel Michael in … Continue reading Mount Saint Michel part II – the skull with a hole

Mont Saint MicheI, France – a long overdue visit

Some places we visit enrich us with good moments, good memories and good pictures to show back home. Some others have a deeper effect on us – they change the way we feel and how we see things. Mount Saint-Michel, in France, was one of those. I knew that Mount Saint-Michel is one of Europe’s most famous landmarks. But I had also heard of the … Continue reading Mont Saint MicheI, France – a long overdue visit

The gauchos of the Pampas

In a world dominated by technology, the Gauchos of South America stand practically  alone in their success keeping their traditions alive, despite a frenetic globalization.      The Gauchos flourished from the mid-18th to the mid 19th centuries in the region known as the Pampas, a vast portion of grasslands that stretches from southern Brazil to Argentina and Uruguay. Gauchos could be white, black, mestizos … Continue reading The gauchos of the Pampas

Summer in NYC guide – the good and the bad

What we call New York City is actually five distinct boroughs – Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. But for the purpose of this post, let’s focus on Manhattan, since it’s the place tourists visit the most.  I just got back to Florida after a few days in NYC, and the city was sizzling! Summers can be brutal in New York, and when … Continue reading Summer in NYC guide – the good and the bad

The West Algarve, Portugal

The southernmost tip of Portugal, the Algarve has 96 miles of a spectacular coastline on the Atlantic, with a culture and scenery very different from the rest of the country. With a mild year-round weather, warm sea waters, a rich history and culinary traditions, the area has seen international tourism replace agriculture and fishing, since an international airport was opened in Faro, the regional capital. … Continue reading The West Algarve, Portugal